Your iPhone’s name is more than just a label. It’s how your device identifies itself on networks, when sharing files via AirDrop, and when syncing with your computer. If you’re ready to ditch the generic “Sarah’s iPhone” for something more unique, this guide is for you. Let’s dive into the simple steps to customize your iPhone’s name and add a touch of personality. To learn how to change iPhone name, read this post.

Why Change iPhone Name?

How to change iphone name

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why you might want to consider changing your phone’s name:


The default “[Your Name]’s iPhone” is functional but lacks pizzazz. Choosing a custom name lets you add personality and make your iPhone feel truly yours.

Easy Network Identification:

If you have multiple Apple devices at home or work, changing your iPhone’s name prevents confusion on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or AirDrop. It helps you quickly identify the right device for the task.

Privacy (to a degree):

While changing your name won’t fully mask your identity, it does make it less obvious who owns a device when it shows up in public settings like AirDrop sharing. A unique name is less likely to immediately reveal your first name.


Ultimately, sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to have a more interesting name for your device! Whether it’s a nickname, a pop culture reference, or something totally off-the-wall, the choice is yours.

Step-by-step instructions to change your iPhone name 

How to change iphone name
How to change iphone name

Changing your iPhone’s name is a breeze. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a fresh new device identity in no time:

Find the Settings app:

 Look for the gray gear icon on your iPhone’s home screen. It’s usually tucked in with your other core apps. Tap it to open your settings.

Go to General:

Scroll down in your Settings menu until you find the “General” section. Tap on it to access more specialized settings.

Tap on About:

The top option in the “General” menu is labeled “About.” This section contains information about your iPhone, including its current name. Tap on “About.”

Access the Name Field:

Your current iPhone name will be displayed at the top of the “Aboutscreen. Tap directly on the name itself.

Edit your name:

The keyboard will appear. Delete the existing name using the backspace key. Now, type in the new name you’d like for your iPhone.

Save Your Changes:

 Once you’re happy with the new name, tap “Done” on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can tap elsewhere on the screen (like the “About” back arrow) to save the changes.

Tips for Choosing a Great Name

Here’s a breakdown of some helpful tips for choosing the perfect new iPhone name:

Short and sweet:

 Long names can be cumbersome to read on smaller menus and become truncated in some displays. Aim for a name that’s catchy and easy to remember.

Personalize It:

 Your iPhone is an extension of you, so consider using:

  • A nickname or shortened version of your name
  • Your initials, combined with a special word
  • A reference to your interests (e.g., GamerGeek, Bookworm101)

Let Your Creativity Shine:

 Don’t be afraid to get a little playful! Here are some ideas:

  • Quirky adjectives (e.g., sparky, enigma)
  • Inside jokes or references only you and close friends will get.

Pop culture references (but make sure they won’t feel dated quickly!)

Practicality Matters:

 While fun is the goal, avoid using characters or symbols that might cause compatibility glitches when your iPhone interacts with other devices. Stick to basic letters and numbers, with maybe a dash or underscore for style.

Test it out:

Type out your potential names and see how they feel. Say it out loud a few times—does it roll off the tongue?

Where Your New Name Will Show Up

Here’s a list of the key places where your iPhone’s new name will appear after you change it:


When sharing files with other nearby Apple devices, your updated name will be visible to potential recipients.


If you connect your iPhone to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or other accessories, they’ll display your new iPhone name in their pairing options.

Personal Hotspot:

When you enable your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature for sharing the internet with other devices, your new name becomes the network name they connect to.

Find My:

In the Find My iPhone app and on, your iPhone will be identified by its new name, making it easier to locate if lost or misplaced.


When you sync your iPhone with a computer, the new name will show up in iTunes for older computers and in Finder if you’re using a Mac.

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And that’s all there is to it! Changing your iPhone’s name is a quick and easy way to add a touch of personality to your device. Whether you choose a fun nickname, a reference to your hobbies, or something completely unique, your new iPhone name lets you express yourself in a subtle but meaningful way.

FAQs about how to change an iPhone name

  1. Can I use any type of character in my iPhone’s name?

While you have a good amount of freedom, it’s best to stick to standard letters, numbers, and basic punctuation (hyphens, underscores, etc.). Avoid special characters or emojis, as they might cause compatibility issues with certain apps or services.

  1. Is there a character limit for iPhone names?

Yes, there’s a character limit, but it’s fairly generous. You should be able to fit most creative names without trouble.

  1. Can I change my iPhone’s name as often as I want? 

Yes! Feel free to update your iPhone’s name whenever you want a change.

  1. Will changing my iPhone’s name affect any of my data or apps? 

No, it’s purely a cosmetic change. Your files, apps, and settings are completely safe.

  1. My new iPhone name isn’t showing up everywhere right away. What should I do?

 It may take a bit of time for the change to appear across all devices and services. Try restarting your iPhone and any other devices that should see the updated name (like your computer). If it’s still not updating after a while, double-check that you saved the new name properly in the “About” settings.

  1. Can I use the same name for multiple Apple devices?

Technically, yes, but it’s not recommended. This can make it confusing to tell your devices apart when using features like AirDrop.

  1. Will changing my iPhone’s name impact my iCloud backups? 

No, your iCloud backups will continue as normal. However, the backup file itself will be labeled with your new iPhone name going forward.

  1. Does my iPhone name have to be unique? 

Not globally unique. Others might have chosen the same name. However, it’s best to choose something unique within your own network so you don’t confuse your iPhone with someone else’s nearby.

  1. Are there any downsides to changing my iPhone’s name?

 Not really! The only minor thing is that if you’re deeply accustomed to the old name, it might take a moment to get used to the new one when syncing or sharing.

  1. Where else can I customize the appearance of my iPhone? 

Explore options like custom wallpapers, app icon changes (via shortcuts), and even different widgets on your lock screen and home screen to add even more of your personal touch.


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