Want to become a Snap Score legend? While Snapchat keeps some of its scoring methods a secret, there are proven ways to increase your points and show off your dedication to the platform. In this article, we’ll uncover the essential actions that add to your score and provide tips for maximizing your snapping power. To wants to know how to increase Snap score, read this post.

What is a Snap Score?

How to increase Snap score

Your Snap Score is a dynamic metric that represents your activity level on Snapchat. It encompasses the number of snaps you’ve sent and received, stories you’ve posted, and other factors. Unlike other social media metrics, your Snap Score offers a fun and engaging way to gauge your interaction with the app.

How to increase Snap score – proven Strategies

Increasing your Snap Score is not just about enhancing a number; it’s about fostering more connections and engaging more deeply with the Snapchat community. Here are some effective strategies:

  1. Be Consistent with Your Snaps: Regularly send snaps to your friends. The key is consistency, as it keeps the engagement going and steadily increases your score.
  2. Utilize the Power of Stories: Make it a habit to post stories frequently. Each story contributes to your score, and it’s also a great way to keep your friends updated.
  3. Engage with Discover Content: Spend time exploring and interacting with content in the Discover section. This not only increases your score but also enriches your Snapchat experience.
  4. Maintain and Start New Streaks: Focus on maintaining your current streaks and start new ones. Each interaction contributes to your Snap Score, fostering closer connections with your friends.

How Does the Snap Score Work?

The Snap Score is calculated based on a variety of activities that users engage in on Snapchat. These include:

  • Sending and Receiving Snaps: Each snap sent or received contributes to your score. It’s interesting to note that the scoring system isn’t purely linear; the more you engage, the more points you accumulate.
  • Posting Stories: Your stories are not just a way to share moments but also an avenue to boost your Snap Score. Each story posted adds to your total score.
  • Discovering Content: Engaging with the Discover section, watching stories, and interacting with different types of content can also contribute to your score.
  • Maintaining Streaks: Snap Streaks, created by sending snaps back and forth with friends for consecutive days, play a role in increasing your Snap Score.

The secret formula of how to increase snap score

Snapchat deliberately keeps the exact algorithm for calculating Snap Scores under wraps. This element of mystery adds to the allure of the score. However, certain actions seem to weigh more than others within their hidden formula. It’s likely that factors like:

  • Number of Friends: The more people you interact with, the better.
  • Snap Streaks: Maintaining daily Snap exchanges with friends might carry extra weight.
  • App Engagement: Consistent use and exploration of various Snapchat features likely play a role.

Tips to Increase Your Snap Score

Want to become a Snap Score superstar? Here are a few tips:

  • Send Snaps Frequently: The more snaps you send, the more your score will rise. Get those fingers snapping!
  • Open Snaps regularly: Pay attention to your inbox; opening Snaps from friends is just as important as sending them.
  • Utilize Stories: Share your daily life with Snaps on your Story for those bonus points.
  • Group Snaps: Send Snaps to multiple friends at once for a quick point boost.
  • Be Creative: Experiment with different Snap features like filters and lenses, as some believe this signals active engagement.

Why Your Snap Score Matters

While the Snap Score might seem like just another number, it holds significance in the Snapchat ecosystem. It’s a reflection of your engagement and activity on the app.

A higher Snap Score indicates a more active, engaged, and connected user. It can be a fun way to compete with friends or track how your Snapchat engagement grows over time.

Is a High Score Important?

Ultimately, your Snap Score is a fun metric that reflects your activity on the platform. Some users love the competitive aspect, while others don’t pay much attention. Don’t get too hung up on the number itself; focus on connecting with friends and having a good time!


The Snap Score is a unique aspect of Snapchat that adds an element of fun and competition to the social media experience. Understanding how it works and employing strategies to increase your score can enhance your engagement and enjoyment of the platform. Remember, it’s not just about the numbers but the connections and memories you create along the way.


1. What’s the fastest way to increase my Snap Score?

The fastest way is to send lots of photo and video Snaps to multiple friends. The more you send, the quicker your score will climb. Also, make sure your friends open them and send Snaps back for you to open.

2. Do text messages on Snapchat increase my score?

Unfortunately, no. Only sending and opening photo and video Snaps adds to your Snap Score.

3. Do I get points for viewing Snapchat Stories?

While watching other people’s Stories is fun and engaging, it doesn’t directly add points to your score. However, posting Snaps to your own Story will contribute.

4. Are there ‘hacks’ to drastically increase my Snap Score?

Be wary of websites or services claiming to rapidly boost your Snap Score. Snapchat is alert to these kinds of tricks, and using them could put your account at risk. The best approach is consistent sending and receiving of Snaps.

5. Does maintaining Snap Streaks help my score?

Yes! Snap Streaks (those fire emojis next to a friend’s name) show you’ve been exchanging Snaps for consecutive days. Maintaining these streaks is believed to boost your Snap Score more than random Snaps.


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