VSCO is a favorite among photographers and creative enthusiasts for its powerful editing tools and stylish presets. But did you know that VSCO hides a valuable gem—VSCO Search? This feature unlocks a whole new dimension to the app, helping you find inspiration, discover the perfect presets, and connect with other talented creators.

 If you’re looking to add a spark of creativity to your photography game, VSCO Search is your secret weapon. Forget about aimlessly scrolling through social media; It helps you zero in on the exact kind of visual inspiration you crave. Whether you’re searching for stunning landscapes, moody portraits, or even the inside scoop on the hottest editing presets, VSCO Search will guide you to a treasure trove of images and ideas from its talented community. Get ready to discover a world of photographic possibilities!

What is VSCO Search?

What is VSCO Search?

VSCO, the popular photo editing app, goes beyond simple filters and adjustments. Its hidden gem, VSCO Search, is a powerful tool that helps you unlock your creative potential. Think of it as your personal guide to the vast world of VSCO’s community. Whether you’re seeking inspiration from stunning photography, trying to find that perfect preset, or looking to connect with like-minded creators, It streamlines the process.

VSCO Search is a built-in feature within the VSCO app that acts as your guide to the platform’s vast creative community. It has two main functions:

Explore and Discover:

This is your curated feed. Search by keywords, themes, presets, and more to find inspiring photos and videos from across the VSCO community.

User Search:

Find specific VSCO users by searching their usernames. This is great for following friends or discovering new creators you admire.

Why Use VSCO Search

VSCO Search elevates your experience with the app from simple photo editing to a full-fledged creative exploration tool. Here’s why it’s worth mastering:

Endless Inspiration at Your Fingertips:

Diverse Content:

VSCO Search cuts through the noise of social media feeds, offering a curated selection of visually stunning and impactful photography. Explore landscapes, portraits, street photography, conceptual art, and everything in between.

Tailored to Your Interests:

VSCO’s algorithm learns what inspires you. The more you search and interact, the more personalized your results become.

Niche Discoveries:

Delve into specific aesthetics, photography techniques, or even locations that traditional search engines might miss.

The Preset Powerhouse:

Beyond Filter Names:

VSCO Search is how you see presets in action. Search by preset code to view a gallery of real-world examples using that specific filter.

Find Your Perfect Fit:

Experiment with presets before applying them to your photos, ensuring they align with your desired look.

Inspiration for Custom Edits:

See how others use presets as a starting point and discover the potential to tweak them for your unique style.

Community of Creators:

Connect and Collaborate:

Discover incredible photographers and editors. Follow them for a constant stream of inspiration and potential collaborations.

Learn from the Best:

Observe the work of those you admire. Use VSCO search to analyze their editing styles, compositions, and storytelling techniques.

Be Discovered:

As you grow on VSCO and your work aligns with searches, others might start discovering you, expanding your reach as a creator.

How to Use VSCO Search

It is simple to use, but here’s the basic process:

Open the VSCO app.

Ensure you have the VSCO app downloaded and updated.

Locate the Search Icon:

 Find the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner of your screen. This is your gateway to VSCO Search.

Choose your search type:

  1. Explore/Discover: Tap the “Discover” tab for a curated feed of images. Start with a search term or explore suggestions.
  2. Users: Tap the “People” tab to find specific VSCO users by their username.

Enter your search:

  1. Get specific: Use descriptive keywords, preset codes, locations, or hashtags.
  2. Example: Search for “moody portraits,” “HB2 preset,” “New York City,” or “#filmphotography.”

Explore and Engage:

  1. Scroll Your Results: See what inspires you!
  2. Follow Creators: Tap the “Follow” button on profiles you like.
  3. Save Inspiration: Save images to your collections for future reference.

How does VSCO Search work?

While the exact algorithms are kept under wraps, here’s a general understanding of how your VSCO searches deliver results:

A Mix of Factors:

VSCO Search doesn’t rely on one single thing. It uses a combination of the following to determine what to show you:

Keywords and Presets: 

The words and preset codes you directly enter in your search.

Your Activity:

 Images you’ve liked, posts you’ve saved, and creators you follow all help VSCO learn your preferences.


VSCO analyzes how closely images and profiles match your search terms and interests.


Posts on VSCO often include hashtags, making them easily searchable by specific interests or styles.

A Curated Experience:

Unlike search engines that scour the entire web, VSCO Search focuses solely on content within its own community. This means results are typically more relevant to photographers and creators.

Always Evolving:

VSCO constantly updates its algorithms to improve the search experience. Your results get better the more you interact with the app and use Search.

How to Master VSCO Search

It is intuitive, but mastering it will transform your creative experience. Here are the key strategies:

Smart keywords are key.

Specificity Wins: Instead of broad terms like “photography,” search for something like “minimalist portrait photography” or “vintage film street photography.”

Think Like a Photographer:

Use technical terms (e.g., “backlight,” “bokeh,” “leading lines”) to refine your searches.


Find inspiration near you or dream destinations by adding locations to your searches (e.g., “Yosemite National Park photography”).

Master the preset codes.

Know Your Faves:

Note down the codes (e.g., C1, M5, HB2) of the presets you often use.

Search for variations:

Search by preset code to see how others creatively use and potentially modify that preset.

Preset + Keyword Combo:

Combine a preset code with additional keywords to narrow down your results (e.g., “P5 moody portrait”).

Harness the Power of Hashtags

Discover Niches:

Search for hashtags related to specific photography styles, challenges, or communities.

Join the conversation:

Use relevant hashtags in your own VSCO posts to become a part of these searchable communities.

Follow for a Curated Feed

Build Your Inspiration Network:

Follow photographers whose work consistently inspires you. This will tailor your Explore feed even further.

Analyze Your Favorites:

Pay attention to what draws you to the work of those you follow. Use these insights in your own searches.

Why is VSCO Search so popular?

Focused Curation:

It offers specifically photography and preset-focused results in contrast to the clutter of general image searches on web search engines. You’re more likely to find relevant and inspiring content.

Aesthetic Exploration:

VSCO is known for its beautiful filters and presets. VSCO Search lets users visualize how these presets look in real-world situations and explore different editing styles, making it appealing to anyone looking to enhance their photos.

Community Connection:

VSCO has a strong community of photographers, editors, and creatives. It helps users find like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and the potential for collaboration.


It makes it easier for photographers to be discovered by others searching for specific techniques, locations, or aesthetics. This increases exposure for talented artists.

Ease of Use:

It is integrated within the VSCO app itself, making it a seamless part of the creative workflow for VSCO users.


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your creative journey, VSCO Search is the tool you didn’t know you needed. Embrace the power of targeted searches, discover new presets, and let your creativity soar. Now, go out there and start searching—happy creating!

FAQs abut VSCO Search

  1. Is VSCO Search free to use?

 Yes! It is included for all VSCO users, even if you use the free version of the app.

  1. Can I find photos from other social media platforms on VSCO Search?
    No, It focuses specifically on content created and shared within the VSCO community.
  2. Does VSCO Search show me the most popular content first?
    While popularity is a factor, It prioritizes relevance. It learns from your searches and interactions to show you content tailored to your interests.
  3. Can I save images I find on VSCO Search?

 Yes! You can save images to your VSCO collections for later reference or inspiration.

  1. I’m new to photography. Is VSCO Search still helpful for me?

 Absolutely! It is an amazing way to learn from more experienced photographers, discover editing techniques, and get inspired to experiment.

  1. Can I use VSCO Search to find photographers to hire?

While not a dedicated hiring platform, it can help you discover talented photographers in your area or specializing in your desired style. You can then contact them through VSCO or their linked social media.

  1. Does VSCO Search have advanced filters?

Currently, VSCO it provides basic filters to refine your searches (like by image type or preset), but more advanced options might be added in the future.

  1. How often should I use VSCO Search?

 Use it as often as you like! Make it a habit to search for inspiration before starting a new project, or simply browse during breaks for a creative boost.


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